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My Book – From Parkrun To London Marathon

From Parkrun To London Marathon
Hurrah, it is finally done.

For all those of you who have a London Marathon place this year, I have just the book for you. I ran the marathon in 2016 to raise money for Save The Rhino and found it bloody difficult but a tremendous experience. I’ve crunched all the fun and frivolity of the months of blood, sweat and tears and then the slog around London into a bright and breezy ebook called ‘From Parkrun To London Marathon‘. Buy it on Amazon UK, Amazon USA and all those other Amazons all over the world . They will take their cut from the sales but every penny they hand over to me will be donated directly to Save The Rhino.

What’s In The Book

I’ve put my various stories together into a narrative that tells the tale from when I started running, to my decision to run the London Marathon for Save the Rhino. I’ve then continued on to talk about raising money for the charity and extending my distance to ensure that I had some chance of reaching the finish of the London Marathon and claiming that shiny finishers medal.

pic of London Marathon medal

The bulk of the book covers my experience on the day as I dragged my tired and unfit body around the streets of London. Trust me, it’s a lot more fun than it sounds from the description there.

There are lots of giggles along the way and hopefully some insights that will help people that are thinking of taking on the challenge themselves.

Where To Get The Book

The paperback version is now available and the links above will lead you to the ebook and paperback versions of the book. Please buy as many copies as you can afford and disseminate them widely. Hopefully they will inspire other people to run the London Marathon and possibly even help push them toward running for Save The Rhino.

Remember all money I receive from sales of this book will go directly to Save The Rhino

I have created a ‘Justgiving’ page so that I can post royalties to that and also so that anyone who feels so inspired by the book that they want to give extra money have a place where they can show their appreciation.

Address of the justgiving page is: