Cambourne 10K

I was feeling a bit creaky and unfit for this one. However, the day dawned bright and fair and it looked like it should be a wonderful day to run.

Registration was quick and easy and we were soon hustled away into pens at the far end of forever away in a small and fogotten piece of Cambourne.

Stand here if you’re going to do 35 minutes say the signs.

Stand here for 45, and 55 minutes.

No sign of anything after 55 minutes. We galumphing fools trotting home after everyone else are beneath notice, it seems. Oh dear, oh dear.

It was a tough course with a lot of ups and down and a diabolical breeze but I enjoyed the run. I finished in just slightly over an hour and very much enjoyed myself. I bought a Cumberland sausage in a bap afterwards and it was the most delicious thing ever.

The course was very well marshalled and was completely off road (except for one small residential street) so no worries about crossing traffic. I still had some energy left at the end so if I do this run again next year then I hope I’ll know it well enough to push myself a little harder.

The times have just been published – As I thought – it was quite a slow time.

1:01:25 for me

49:17 for Lloyd in the Saucony shirt in the picture above.

51:32 for Richard in the yellow shirt in the picture above.

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