Winter draws on

Brrrr, it’s cold out this morning. I’m wearing leggings, t shirt, windproof (well kinda) jacket and a buff and I’m still feeling the chill. It hurts to breathe which surprises me a little but I think it’s the combination of a bitter wind and my suffering, from a cold that are conspiring against me. I found that breathing was much easier when I was in the sun and then became so much more difficult when passing through the shade. I’m running slowly anyway but slow down even more to let my breathing recover.

I ran over the A10 and along Butt Lane toward Impington. A black squirrel runs out of the undergrowth to my left and gives me a hard look. My stomping along the pathway is obviously disturbing his Sunday morning peace and quiet. These black squirrels were once quite rare but seem to be becoming a much more common sight around Cambridge. This one has some light brown markings on its haunches, tipped with white. I wonder if eventually we will have tabby squirrels. Now there’s a sight I’d like to see.Impington

Going through Impington I see something that looks like a particularly ugly cactus. I take a closer look and see that it’s entirely made up of what look like silver bells. Most peculiar.

Cactus made of bells
Strange artificial plant beastie in Impington

I pass on along into Histon and turn down Station Road eventually arriving at the busway. The sun is shining here and I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. It feels great to be doing my Sunday runs again. I can’t run as far as I had previously done but I’m slowly working my way back there

The last year has been a sorry tale of injury upon injury and definitely not enough running. I’ve also changed job and need to use a car to get to this one. This means my bicycle gets very little use and so my waist has expanded. This also is not helping my running. However, it is not all woe. Recently the injuries seem to have abated and I’m getting the running shoes out on a more regular basis.

Talking of running shoes I see that mine are a little past their best. I look around on the Internet and find out that, of course Saucony no longer make my favourite shoes, Saucony Triumph ISO 2. There is an ISO 3 that may be a good replacement but it feels a bit of a risk to move to a different model.

I arrive safely home, mentally checking through the various muscles and everything seems fine. I’ve managed another run without injury.

Things are looking up